Musicspace: January 2021 Platform Update - New Logo, Feature & More!

It's a new year, and we're super excited to get to work on building Musicspace even bigger and better! Below, we'll walk you through everything that happened this month!

1: Our Servers Crashed

After welcoming our newest developer, Amadou, we quickly found out about a major issue: Our previous developer forgot the root password for our server. Needless to say, it was an incredibly frustrating time for us. Thankfully, after hours of back and forth emails with our server host, we were able to reset the root password and gain access to our server again.

But the stress didn't stop there... After resetting our root password, our entire site crashed for half a day. Thanks to Amadou's diligent programming skills, he sat down and worked on getting the site back up after 6+ long hours. Quite the first week as a new developer, right?

2: New Feature: Split-Sheet Storage!

Over the past few months, we'd received a bunch of requests asking us to add split-sheet storage. So, once we got through our server crash nightmare, we added a way to store your split-sheets with every release! Here's where to add your split-sheets

To store a split-sheet, simply:

  • Click any of your releases
  • Click "Upload PDF"
  • Once you've selected the PDF, just hit save. Done!

3: New Logo

Back when I launched Musicspace, I was in such a rush to take the platform live that I forgot one important part: We had no logo. So I quickly headed to over to's free logo generator and made us a logo asap. It was free, fast and fairly decent, so I thought why not aye?

Fast-forward to today and I thought we needed an upgrade. I consulted and paid several artists to create a new logo for us, but sadly nothing worked out the way I'd hoped. Nobody came up with a creative way to connect music into the logo.

I ended up opening Photoshop and using two rounded rectangles, a circle and half a musical note to make my own logo for Musicspace. Thankfully, the logo turned out EXACTLY how I'd hoped it would. I wanted something sleek, music-related and gentle on the eyes. Here's our new logo in three colour variants next to our previous logo.

As you can see, the line connecting the second rounded rectangle creates a musical note. Both I and Amadou are super happy with it, and our users have also been showing some love on social media, too!

4: Behind The Scenes Infrustructure

In order to truly scale our business, we'll be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work (so expect less exciting updates over the coming month or so!). We'll be working on many things from :

  • Language translations for international users.
  • Ensuring the best coding architecture structure is in place.
  • Updating our current CRM/Support software in order to automate tasks and better serve our users